New software, new sensors with cables






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New DigPilot Machinecontrol 2018



New DigPilot_WS17 sensors


  • Cabled, CanBus protokoll
  • Watertight, IP 69K, for work under water
  • Gyrostabilized and superfast
  • Polarity and shortcircuit protected
  • Reports disfunction in the DigPilot program
  • May be used in New DigPilot
  • WS_17 fits into our existing sensorbrackets and can easily be switched between different machines






New DigPilot computer with software

  • High performance computer
  • Rugged, hardened and laminated display
  • Reads VIPS, Landxml, DTM, DXF, Kof datafiles and others
  • Teamviewer remote control installed
  • Rugged DigPilot Office Internett-plattform for Upgrading and file exchange
  • Rugged program in new Windows 10 platform
  • New functions will be implemented
  • Automatic update of all components in computer and rover over internet



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