DigPilot 3D Machine Control

GNSS RTK system


DigPilot 3D Machine Control is a Complete kit for Excavator, bulldozer, and other machines, consisting of:

DigPilot Machine Control, computer, sensors and accessories are suplied in one sturdy plastic carrying Box.



DigPilot GNSS Rovers are supplied in an other box, including GNSS antennas, cables, internet and radio antenna (depending on country)

The DigPilot GNSS rover has built in modems for reseption of radio and internet correction datas, as well as file transfer, securing of machine datas and more. The unit is highly robust, watertight to IP 68, the casing made of 6 mm milled alu. Connectors are Lemo Connectors, co Ax antenna cables have the highest temperature and fysical wear standard.

Software to run DigPilot machine Control in most countries, including a Localizor Project data Library.

DigPilot Office is an internet platform, monitoring all events when a DigPilot equipped machine is at work, saving datas from site, saving machine datas of all machines.

This reduces Down time of Production machines to a minimum when accidents occur.


DigPilot takes advantage of the infrakit software to enable fleet management.

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