DigPilot 2D Machine Control

DigPilot 2D Machine Control




The DigPilot 2D machine Control system is the best choice when working without GNSS. DigPilot is the only machine Control in the world featuring a full 2D software for excavators, upgradable to 3D for more Advanced site work later.

Site projects are made in the DigPilot computer, in a matter of Seconds you can start important work without delay. Horizontal leveling, slope, dual slope, trench and more.

DigPilot 2D is delivered in a rugged case containing all the tools you need for installation. You will only need your own drill.

DigPilot 2D has only one cable, connecting the power supply to the computer. Plug it into the 12 to 24 V socket and start working.

One DigPilot machine Control system can be installed on many different excavators calibrated and the datas will be permanently stored.
Install a set of brackets for Your wireless DigPilot sensors and a mast for the "Pitch and roll compass-sensor". Move Your current DigPilot system, PC and sensors, from machine to machine as needed. Installation and calibration on an excavator is a matter of 1 to 2 hours.

The installation is guided by a meny containing Pictures and text description. Installation is very easy, anyone can do it.

A standard DigPilot kit contains:
Carrying case
DigPilot computer
Boom sensor
Arm sensor With a laser reciever
Bucket sensor
Pitch and roll sensor With a Compass
some installation Tools

A DigPilot 2D system is ideal in the shop of any dealer selling lasers and survey Equipment.

DigPilot Machine Control is developed and proudly produced in Norway.






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